Lucky Film Festival 2013

Lucky Film Festival would like to thank all our 2013 Sponsors, all the Filmmakers who submitted films, and everyone who attended the festival night to help raise funds for The Arts Platform Residencies.

The award winners of Lucky Film Festival 2013 were:

Spencer Harvey and Lloyd Harvey – Jack and Jill

Blake Borcich – Resistance

Nick Bolton – Life

Sunday Emerson Gullifer – Bridge Views

Jon Nguyen – Beginners Luck

Matt Wood – Beginners Luck

To view the awards that these lucky recipients have won, click HERE

Congratulations to all the winners, and we’ll see you next year!

2013 Lucky Film Festival Line Up:

Resistance – Directed by Blake Borcich
Dash – Directed by Sam O’Sullivan
Life – Directed by Jonathan Adams
Saving the Bacon – Directed by Ryan Thomas
Zombie Beaters – Directed by Kenny Foo
Beginners Luck – Directed by Matt Richards
Bridge Views – Directed by Sunday Emerson Gullifer
My Aunty Julie – Directed by Antonio Sergi
Reflection – Directed by Thomas Greader
Jack & Jill – Directed by Spencer Harvey and Lloyd Harvey

Please Note: These films have not been classified. Viewer discretion is advised.

About the film festival

Lucky is open to all films, no matter what age, genre or whether the film has been previously screened. All we ask is for them to be under 10 minutes (and having a smidgen of something lucky in it can’t hurt!).

Fortuitous prizes include a $1,500 worth of in-kind support from The Arts Platform towards your next film venture in the shape of an Artist Residency and a RODE Video Mic Pro. Click here for full list of awards and prizes.

Winner 2012 Luckiest Film Award: The Analogue Crusader

Winner 2012 Luckiest Director Award: Gristle

GRISTLE – The Movie from Jamie Clennett on Vimeo.